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Office Automation equipment

OA equipment

Copier, Printer and Fax machines need fans & motors. We offer high performance products for use in any office environment. These are stepping motors, brushless DC motors, fans, blowers and complete driving assembly units etc which are highly valued by our customers.

brushless DC motors for OA equipment
Output: 7 to 40 W
Voltage: 24 VDC



Money handling applications demand the use of smaller size motors with higher power capability and often with reduction gearing. Our comprehensive range of motors and gearboxes can provide effective solutions.

Motor dimensions: 25 x 35 mm, 60 x 77 mm
Gear head: 37 to 39 mm; Output: 0.7 to 26 W
Voltage: 12 VDC, 24 VDC

IT equipment

Mobile station, Server, Router, Switch

Base Station, Server, Router, Switches…...

Cooling devices are a necessity in all types of IT equipment. Each year, the physical size of IT equipment is reducing, increasing the need for higher performance cooling products. We use the latest Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) technology to develop high efficiency, optimized cooling products and solutions.

Fan dimensions: 60sq to 172 mm
Blower dimensions: 48x25 to 152x40 mm

Refrigeration and Freezer Cabinets


The momentum to change how our actions influence global ecology is rapidly growing. The trend to reduce our use of low efficiency devices, such as AC motors and replace with high efficiency motors has seen the introduction of brushless AC/DC (EC) motors. Our latest brushless DC motors connect directly to the AC supply and are available with the same mountings and with 3 sizes of fan blades to allow interchangeability.

Motor sizes: 80 to 100 mm,
Output: 20W to
Voltage:AC100V to 230V

Surveillance Camera (CCTV)


Smooth, precise motion of the pan & tilt mechanism can be obtained using stepping motors. Continuous 360o degree rotation is achieved using a slip-ring. Our slip-rings provide High Definition (HD) communication for high resolution and high speed, long life applications.

HD reciive sliprings: 1.5Gbps MAX



Our products are used extensively in various applications including semi-conductor machines, roller conveyors, textile machines, robotics and more recently in 3D printers. Our established supply to this market where tough conditions often exist, has allowed a wealth of experience to be gained.

Home Appliance


Refrigerators, Ice-maker, Air cleaner and ventilation, Coffee machines, etc for domestic use. The range of small motors and fans are developed so as not to harm the home or natural environment. All our products are reliable, energy saving, low noise, devices.

Medical equipment


Infusion & Syringe Pumps, Dialysis pump, etc.

Extremely low noise and low vibration are required at medical facilities such as hospitals and care homes. From our extensive experience in this field, we can offer solutions from motors to complete bespoke systems.