We proudly introduce the new "Gentle TyphoonTM" : A New High Efficient, Thin Design and Low Noise Fan

The new Gentle TyphoonTM is a low power, low profile box fan made for your next generation project. It boasts a wide low-noise operating range and a vibration-absorbing structure. It is even environmentally friendly. The special features of the Gentle TyphoonTMD0925C Series (92mm×25mm) and the D1225C Series (120mm×25mm) are explained below.

User Optimization - Point #1(applies to: D0925C、D1225C)
You can now reduce noise in even in high-density devices, because of a wide low-noise operating range.

The Gentle Typhoon offers a noise reduction greater than 5dB over the operating range from 50% of maximum airflow and above the "Gentle Typhoon" is 5 dB quieter than our previous fans. This represents a 30% increase in the low-noise range compared with our previous box fan models. You are now able to reduce noise even in high-density devices with high system impedance. We were able to achieve this wide low-noise operating range by using our cutting edge fluid analysis technology to move the ‘surge point’(the depression in the PQ data line) toward the pressure side of the curve. The fan name gets it origin from the vortices of spinning air which arise from the whirlpool-shaped fan blade. Due to the forceful direct-rearward air current, even in the instance of narrow ducts or proximate obstacles, the fan possesses characteristics which deter the reduction of air flow and the increase in noise. These characteristics are not easily discerned from a catalogue comparison. Try it one of your company’s devices and confirm for yourself the low noise effects.

User Optimization - Point #2(applies to: D0925C、D1225C)
Our 2-way vibration reduction technology protects against resonant noise throughout the device.

Typically vibration from the fan motor will transfer to the fan case, which often causes resonant vibration in the device and an increase in noise. Our newly developed low vibration motor and vibration absorbing structure work together, 2 ways, to reduce this problem. Also the motor stator uses an adhesive free design which increases its recyclability.

User Optimization - Point #3(applies to: D0925C only)
The 25 mm thick "Gentle Typhoon" has the same high air flow as a 32 mm thick fan.
(Replacing your existing fan with our thin-profile Gentle Typhoon can reduce system impedance in your high-density devices.)

If airflow and noise are the same, the 7 mm difference between a 32 mm fan and a 25 mm fan is a major benefit. The extra 7 mm allows you to reduce the system impedance of the entire system which will increase airflow and improve the level of cooling. Maintaining the level of cooling while reducing the rotational speed of the fan allows for much quieter operation. To obtain these benefits in the 25mm thick D0925C Series, we applied structural and electromagnetic field analysis techniques to optimize fan parts and, thereby, realize the same efficiency and airflow as a highly efficient, high speed 32mm fan.

User Optimization - Point #4
The newly developed highly efficient fan motor and custom IC mutually come together to provide for great energy efficiency.
In the D0925C, we at NIDEC SERVO were able to develop an even smaller, high efficient motor core using cutting edge electromagnetic field analysis techniques. When pairing the motor with our exclusive bipolar IC (12V), we were able to obtain 30% greater efficiency.
Likewise for the D1225C, we substituted a large motor for pairing with the bipolar IC and optimized design for minimum revolving torque whereby an overwhelming 50% increase in motor efficiency was realized.

User Optimization - Point #5
In order to make marked improvement in sound quality, our engineer had to become particular about just the right timbre.

Customers valuing sound quality could not be satisfied with conventional fan design where priority is placed on the measurement of noise. Fan motor noise is annoying to the human ear; more so than may be indicated in any noise rating. We investigated noise generation mechanisms and took into account noise frequencies (in the 1000Hz range) which are the cause of unpleasant sounds. The Gentle Typhoon incorporates the latest knowhow to mitigate unpleasant generation throughout the box fan. Uncomfortable

User Optimization - Point #6
The Gentle Typhoon is destined to proliferate.

Our engineers are presently developing the next generation model of the environmentally friendly, and customer friendly, Gentle Typhoon.

Inside Info from the Gentle Typhoon Design Team (How can a high speed model be quiet?)

The Gentle Typhoon adopts a completely new idea which undermines conventional fan design. Noise reduction was believed most effectively obtained by securing airflow at lower speeds. (This is due to the fact that noise varies in proportion to revolutions to the power of six.) NIDEC SERVO engineers denied common sense during the development of the Gentle Typhoon, and applied their own modified version of a fluid dynamic analysis software to verify a multitude of design parameters. The results indicated noise could be lowered even at higher speeds as long as the propeller and fan case (venturi) were formed with some ingenuity. The ingenuity resulted in a wonderful invention encompassing three (two?) factors essential to a low noise fan: a wide low-noise range and improved noise quality (patent pending). However it was not all smooth sailing. The unconventional fan blades turned out to be long and twisted which are not conducive to steady quality mass production. Our NIDEC SERVO engineering team worked tirelessly to overcome the various problems which arose and went a year over schedule to finally bring the world our new 92 mm Gentle Typhoon. Compared to the common axial fan, not only will it revolve 15% faster but customers can expect marked reduction to system noise in their products. Why don’t you try it in your next project?

Furthermore, we would like to evolve the Gentle Typhoon by gaining input from our customers. Please provide us with inquiries regarding new products and applications. Ask us to customize it you’re your peripheral devices. We look forward to meeting your ever more demanding challenges and will investigate them to the fullest. Please post your inquiries here (or contact your local sales representative). Electronic Catalogue

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